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The agreement regulates the business relationship between the company Pamm-Treid (further, the Company) and an Investor.

By accepting the terms of this Agreement, the Investor is obliged to adhere to each of points of the Agreement. If the Investor does not agree with even one of the items Agreement, it shall refuse the registration on the website of the Company.

Any provision of the Agreement may be amended by the administration of the Company without notification of Investors.


1.1. The current Agreement available for review to every Investor.

1.2. Any disputes between the company and the Investor shall be settled through negotiations within the current Agreement. If a compromise will not be reached, all disputes will be resolved in accordance with the law.

1.3. Become an Investor unless you are the one who is of legal age according to the laws of the country where he resides at the time of registration.

1.4. All technical elements provided for the implementation of Investor's financial activities are the property of the Company and may be used only for its intended purpose.

1.5. Full access to all site services will be available only after The investor will be registered on the site.

1.6. Actions that may harm the website, the Company considered illegitimate and will be regarded as fraud and prosecuted copyright rights.


2.1. The company undertakes to provide investors uninterrupted operation of all services site.

2.2. The company undertakes to make payments to the Investor according to from the chosen investment plan.

2.3. The company guarantees full confidentiality of all information received from The investor, except when disclosure of this information is necessary for resolve disputes.

2.4. The company reserves the right without explanation to refuse to the Investor the registration.

2.5. The company does not bear material and other responsibility to the Investor, if he has suffered material damage by third persons for his own fault.


3.1. A prerequisite for the commencement of cooperation with the Company is passing Investor registration procedure on the website.

3.2. During the registration process, the Investor must specify only valid data.

3.3. Account registration is only allowed under condition that the Investor opens the account in his name. Registration of an account in the name of other persons, as well as the implementation of investment activities from the accounts of third parties is strictly prohibited.

3.4. Multiple registration accounts by a single Investor is expressly prohibited.

3.5. The Deposit and withdrawal of funds can only be done with accounts, registered by the Investor. The use of accounts for financial operations that are registered in the name of third parties will be considered by the Company as fraud.

3.6. Violation of any of the paragraphs of the Agreement can be cause for a full blocking the account of the Investor.

3.7. Prohibited use spam technologies for the introduction of other Investors in confusion regarding the activities of the Company.

3.8. The customer is entitled to terminate cooperation with the Company without giving reasons.

3.9. If the Investor finds that his account was hacked by third parties, it can contact support to restore access to your account.


4.1. The company undertakes to ensure security of work and to this applies a modern technologies and services.

4.2. The investor is also obliged to provide secure data (login, password, etc.), which are used for investment. The company recommends The investor to use a complex password to access the account.

4.3. The company is not responsible if caused by the client his / her personal data (username, password, etc.) got to the third parties.


5.1. This Agreement shall enter into force from the moment when the Investor will be registered on the website of the Company.

5.2. The company has the right to terminate, shorten, modify or extend this Agreement or any service which is owned by the Company.

5.3. It is prohibited to invest funds, that the Investor has received is not legitimate by.